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Our history

Discover the story of Rex the Dinosaur of Paris: the dinosaur who awakens the imagination of children and builds the adults of tomorrow.

Words from co-founder Barbara Dubois

At Sakhri Paris, putting imagination at the heart of child development is more than a conviction: it's our raison d'être.
Developing your imagination not only means stimulating your creativity, but also forging a critical mind; betterunderstand their fears and emotions; getting to know yourself and the world…

When we founded Sakhri Paris in 2016, talking about the imaginary hardly resonated. Yet we dared to believe that our voice had meaning in an increasingly digital world.

These 5 years of development have allowed us to affirm a clear and ambitious vision: to provide access to knowledge of the universe of dinosaurs through our remote-controlled toy and our blog. Our know-how now opens up an infinite field of possibilities... because in the end, everyone likes to create beautiful dinosaur stories.

An Incredible Adventure

Rex the dinosaur from Paris creates the remote control dinosaur market in 2018 in France, released as a rare edition. At this point, Rex the dinosaur from Paris takes on his definitive look so that he has a realistic gait thanks to his many movable joints. Jaw, neck, head and even tail, his entire body moves when Rex moves.

Children aged 3 to 10 become masters of their stories. This dinosaur encourages their autonomy to create stories.
From the first year, Rex the dinosaur of Paris becomes the darling of families.

The remote control that directs Rex is easily operated by even a toddler. Forward, reverse and 360° rotation, take full control of this radio-controlled dinosaur.A demonstration button is present on the head of the velociraptor which allows it to automatically perform certain actions without having to use the joystick.

Growth without borders

An office is opening in Montreal in 2021 to help international development. Many technical innovations enrich the functionalities of Rex the dinosaur of Paris.

Then the rise is meteoric and the team grows. With our experience in the field, we know the world of games and thinking. We pour all our energy into every project we take on.

Have you ever wondered what Sakhri Paris means?

The beginning of the name "Sakhri" refers to the energy and enthusiasm of a happy child who cries with joy. The world of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures invites you to daydream and explore through the stories told and experienced.

The end of the name "Paris" indicates the place of conception and the first vision of wanting to restore self-confidence to children.